Generate uuid for all records in a table PostgreSQL

  1. Enable the uuid-ossp extension (if not already enabled):

  2. Add a UUID column to your table:

    Let's assume you have a table called my_table and you want to add a UUID column named uuid_column. You can use the following SQL command to add the column:

    ALTER TABLE my_table
    ADD COLUMN uuid_column UUID DEFAULT uuid_generate_v4();

    This command adds a new column to your table with default values generated using the uuid_generate_v4() function.

  3. Update existing rows with UUID values:

    To populate the newly added UUID column with UUIDs for all existing rows, you can use an UPDATE statement:

    UPDATE my_table
    SET uuid_column = uuid_generate_v4();

    This statement will generate a UUID for each row in your table and update the uuid_column with those values.

  4. Optional: Make the UUID column not nullable (if needed):

    By default, the UUID column will allow NULL values. If you want to enforce that the UUID column cannot be NULL, you can use the following SQL command:

    ALTER TABLE my_table
    ALTER COLUMN uuid_column SET NOT NULL;

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